Ron Johnson States a Basic Truth About the Election, but the Tweet Was Too Much Truth and Gets Deleted

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

How bad is the media censorship getting?

ABC gives us perhaps the perfect example. It’s getting so bad that they are even censoring themselves.

ABC had this tweet of what Chair of the Homeland Security Committee Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said during the Senate hearing on election security this morning.


Johnson stated the basic fact that many people have not accepted the results of the last two presidential elections. That’s true and a plain fact for a variety of reasons, from actual irregularities and unconstitutional actions in this election to the Russia collusion hoax paid for by the Democrats in some measure in 2016.

But apparently that truth was a little bit too much for ABC to actually quote, most likely because someone thought it was giving credence to the concerns about the 2020 election.

So ABC wiped their tweet after they posted it.

But guess which tweet they left up? Apparently no Democrats called or they didn’t get any Twitter flaggings for this one.

This one was narrative approved:


So we’re supposed to “believe all women” according to Democrats, except when they testify before state legislators and sign sworn affidavits about the election irregularities they observed, as many women did.

You’re not supposed to even know that legislators might be acknowledging your concerns in even the mildest terms, because that’s bad, apparently to the powers that be and to ABC. So meanwhile they wouldn’t address the questions, they’ll allow them to fester and it will harm the republic because people will no longer believe that the elections are secure. But all concerns will simply be dismissed.

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