New Antifa 'Autonomous Zone' Forming in Seattle, It's a Disgusting Mess.

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

You may recall the Seattle Autonomous Zone, known as the CHAZ. The police went into there after two months and cleared it out, after much stalling and pandering by the Mayor, Jenny Durkan. But not before multiple people were shot and killed in the area.


Portland then tried to copy it recently and created an autonomous zone around a house where Antifa was trying to occupy to prevent a family from being evicted from a property that had been sold two years ago. The obstructions and barriers that they created in the street in the surrounding blocks were largely cleared out. But reports indicate the family and the Antifa folks are still occupying the property.

But now, it looks like the Seattle Autonomous Zone may have bloomed again. In fact, although the police cleared it out after the BLM/Antifa “summer of love,” the occupiers and the homeless just kept creeping back into the area.

But the word came that the city would be trying to clear it out again, so BLM/Antifa erected all kinds of barricades, preparing for a conflict with the police to stop the city from getting into the park.

Local media tried to get coverage of it all yesterday but were attacked by Antifa.


They’ve basically turned it into a disgusting pile of filth, with all kinds of trash as well as “Kill Cops” and “ACAB” graffiti everywhere.

But the city didn’t do a sweep this morning. Looks like it may have been called off, as once again, the city loses its nerve to actually do anything to stop this kind of stuff. But in the meantime, Antifa has erected even more barricades, now pretty much surrounding all of the park.


This is your modern Democratic city. Meanwhile other people are prevented from congregating in public inside or in close quarters. But establishing a filthy pest hole that no authorities are allowed in and where people can attack the press is just cool.


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