Whoops, Could It Be an Antifa Super Spreader Event?


We’ve been hearing this stranger dichotomy from Democrats and media for months now when it comes to the Wuhan coronavirus.

If a protest is an anti-lockdown protest, then the take on the story is “how inconsiderate these people are!” and “they’re going to kill grandma” because they dare to assemble en masse.


But when the protest is BLM/Antifa or another politically-approved protest, then that’s cool, rioting and burning things down for your leftist cause is important, unlike protesting trying to save your business or your job so you can eat.

It’s fascinating, isn’t it, how magically nuanced the virus is, that it skips those “pure-hearted” leftists and only infects those evil money grubbers who want to save their homes and their jobs from being destroyed by the lockdowns.

So given that’s the general narrative that we hear from the media and the left, I thought this tweet a pretty interesting one from an Antifa account.


Whoops, you mean the virus actually comes for leftists too? Who’d a thunk? Paging media, perhaps you want to take note of this?

So notice she references their direct action against ICE there. So what she’s saying is that when they gathered to protest/act against ICE, someone likely exposed everyone who was there.

Here’s some video of what went on in their ‘visit’ to the ICE facility.

Officers nail this Antifa person who allegedly started a fire at the facility.


Not only did they have the potential exposure to the virus, but they also had a bunch of folks get arrested. And remember, this is a federal arrest with federal charges, so they wouldn’t just be dismissed as they would by the county D.A.

On top of all that, folks participating have been dropping off.

Things are not going well for our radical leftist friends.


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