Kelly Loeffler Asks Radical Raphael Warnock to Denounce Marxism, His Answer Tells You Everything


During the Georgia Senate debate on Sunday night, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) nailed her far-left Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock with a lot of his questionable past and radical positions in a variety of questions.


Loeffler asked Warnock about his frequent praise for Marxism and the redistribution of income, and she asked him to denounce Marxism and socialism. He previously had worked for a church which invited Fidel Castro to the church and praised him.

While he claimed to believe in the free enterprise system, he dodged denouncing the troubling ideologies. How far left are you when you can’t condemn it? When you can’t call out the evil it’s done?

Of course you can’t call it out when you’ve been running with far left people forever and you’re praising it.

Warnock was also asked by one of the moderators about whether he would vote to pack the Supreme Court if he were elected.

Again, he repeatedly dodged the question, refusing to denounce such an idea. He just said he wasn’t focused on that. Translation? You bet he’d do it in a red hot minute if you voted him in. He’s pulling a “Biden.” Since Joe Biden got away with such answers, he’s thinking he can too.


Loeffler also called him out for his attacks on police (he has called them gangsters and thugs), his praise for radical preacher Jeremiah Wright, and Warnock’s claim that you couldn’t serve in the military and also serve God.

She also brought up his arrest for alleged obstruction in a child abuse investigation associated with a camp run by the church he was working for at the time.

President Donald Trump came out to Georgia yesterday and urged people to get out and vote for Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), saying how critically important it is to hold the Senate. If their two seats flip, Democrats could take over the Senate.

HT: Townhall


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