Biden Has Figured out How to Stop the Virus, and Boy, Is It Stunning and Brave

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

How long has it been since we were told that all we needed to do was “15 days locked down to slow the spread?”

How many 15 days has that been now, since the middle of March 2020? And now places are locking down again.


But never fear, folks, Joe Biden says he has the answer! Wait for it. Are you ready?

We just need 100 more days of wearing a mask. Because 262 days is not enough.

“Just 100 days to mask. Not forever,” Biden said. “100 days and I think we’ll see a significant reduction… drive down the numbers considerably.”

So do what we’ve already been doing for the past 262 days? Gee, what remarkable decision making, Joe! Is there anything he says that he hasn’t plagiarized already from President Donald Trump?

But I will note a few things. Note how careful his language, suggesting that the vaccines aren’t final yet when there are three vaccines already discovered with over 94% effectiveness and the Trump team is already talking about plans for distribution. Biden doesn’t want to say that, because that’s what will actually reduce the virus, not anything Biden actually says or does.


But if the virus goes down after the vaccine, Biden will certainly take credit for it, saying it’s his masking/approaching it “seriously” that’s had an effect.

The problem of folks like Biden is having this shibboleth of a mask without the context of actual science of how one catches the virus. The mask isn’t magical. The mask might only protect some bigger particles from being sprayed around. It wouldn’t stop smaller virus particles. Additionally so many people don’t wear it correctly and are constantly touching it, so it can actually increase their chances of getting the virus. Not to mention that while they might wear the mask, they’re touching everything everywhere and then also touching their face.

But beyond that, when do they get that doing more of what you’ve been doing means you’re going to get the same result? And understand that over 99% survive the virus?

It’s also kind of funny that he talks about his adviser having worked with Dr. Anthony Fauci before on the last pandemic. Ah, you mean that one where his adviser Ron Klain admitted they did everything wrong and they only were saved because it wasn’t more deadly because 60 million people got it?




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