Immigrant MI Poll Watcher Passionately Testifies About Election Fraud, Then Levels Dem Rep With an Epic Mic Drop

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

There have been a lot of compelling witnesses about election fraud and irregularities over the past two days of testimony in a hearing before Michigan legislators.


I wrote about one yesterday, with the witness testifying about troubling questions about military ballots. My colleague Mike Miller reported on another “sassy” witness, an IT contract worker for Dominion, who said batches of votes were counted multiple times in the 27 hours she was there and not one was for President Donald Trump.

But perhaps one of the most heartfelt witnesses was Hima Kolanagireddy who was a poll watcher and an IT specialist. I mentioned that she was an immigrant because it was critical to her story. She said she was a legal immigrant from India and was so grateful for what this country had given her including the ability to start her own business, which she said was one of the fastest growing firms in the country.

Kolanagireddy said she became a poll watcher in order to give back to America.

But she said that the problems she saw broke her heart and needed to be fixed, saying among other things she saw duplicate ballots being counted and that poll watchers were kicked out from doing their job. She said that she lived a private life and this was very scary to come forward like this with people trying to intimidate them but she did it because she loved this country.


From BizPac Review:

She went on to say that in her home country of India, everyone has “a national identification card without which we cannot vote.”

“When we come into this country, we have a retinal scan, fingerprints, everything…how is it that a vote…is actually being cast without and ID, without any kind of oversight?” Hima said, adding that she saw duplicate ballots being counted.

“It was heartbreaking, so that’s why I decided to put myself here,” she said.

Later, she testified that “when GOP poll workers were being escorted out” of the TCF center, “with or without handcuffs, every poll worker — and all Democrats — stood and clapped, like it was some kind of…they all won a lottery ticket.”

“That is exactly when I decided I’m gonna do this because that was heartbreaking. These people were doing a job, a volunteer job…they were not getting paid. They were leaving their work to be here for their country to ensure election integrity, and they were treated like criminals, and that’s not fair,” Hima added.

Now that’s someone who loves America. How can people not hear and respond to what she is saying? It’s about this election and the president, but it’s also about so much more, the right to have confidence in our elections, to know that one’s most precious right of voting is protected. That should be something we should all want and be working for.


But Democrats tried to shut down the witnesses and call them liars. Listen as this Democratic representative claims they are lying in their public testimony, despite all having signed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury. Listen to Hima Kolanagireddy just level her with her response.

Kolanagireddy said she was perfectly willing to go under oath and say the exact same thing.

“If it is truth, you can ask me in the middle of the night and it would still be the same.”

Now that’s a mic drop moment.



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