Maricopa County Chair Describes Trump Votes Defaulting to Biden on Dominion System, Complete Breakdown of Signature Verification,

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As we reported earlier, members of the Arizona state legislature held a hearing into election integrity on Monday.

During the hearing, Maricopa County GOP Chairwoman Linda Brickman testified that she saw votes for President Donald Trump being counted as votes for Joe Biden when entered into the Dominion voting machines. She also presented her testimony in a sworn affidavit.


She said that she and her Democratic partner saw the votes shift to Biden more than once when they were trying to enter ballots that couldn’t be read by the machines.

From The Epoch Times:

“I observed, with my Democratic partner, the preparation of a new ballot, since the original one was soiled, or wouldn’t go through the tabulators. I read her a Trump Republican ballot, and as soon as she entered it into the system, the ballot defaulted on the screen to a Biden Democratic ballot,” Brickman told GOP Arizona State legislators on Monday.

She remarked that when she reported the issue to election supervisors, others in the room also commented that they had “witnessed the same manipulation.”

This should be easy to check if the Democratic partner is willing to be forthcoming and honest.

Brickman said she was never told about any correction being taken. Instead, she was called out by the supervisor and told she was causing problem and “bringing up things that I shouldn’t have.” She was told that she couldn’t discuss or talk about what was going on. She said many people were threatened. “They were told that their voices would be suppressed, they would have to leave the room and not work there again. I’m here because I think this is our duty to speak the truth.”


Brickman said she refused to approve the certification of the Dominion system with Secretary of State Katie Hobbs “because the machines had malfunctioned during the test, and were shut down and reset by Dominion staff instead of corrected.”

Dominion has denied that their machines were manipulated or could be manipulated.

Brickman also detailed how the standards for signature verification were supposed to be around 15 points of similarities to none, that they were eventually just passing everything through whether the signature matched or not because they were told there were “too many rejections” being made and they had to “move quickly.” She said she personally observed signatures on the envelopes that didn’t match those of the actual voters but they were passed through as “verified.”

There were also envelopes that were all signed with someone with the same handwriting, that didn’t match the various voters’ signatures.

“There were at least 30 ballots that I saw at one time, that were signed by the same handwriting but on different voters’ names,” Brickman testified. “When I asked if the county attorney would be alerted for possible fraud, I was told ‘no,’ that supervisors would take care of it.”


Brickman also called out how they were tossing overrates for President Donald Trump where there were “overvotes,” where a voter filled in the bubble for Trump but then also wrote Trump in as a write-in candidate.

She said the policy previously had been to accept the overvote where the intention was clear. But in this case when it was clear the intention was for Trump, it wasn’t accepted.

Brickman blasted the whole process saying, “There should be integrity.”

She refused to certify what she had observed, actually entering her objection formally.


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