Jonathan Turley Levels Chuck Todd for Claiming Trump Is 'Underming Incoming President'

Jonathan Turley Levels Chuck Todd for Claiming Trump Is 'Underming Incoming President'
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Many in liberal media have been losing their mind that President Donald Trump has had the utter temerity to explore his legal options in regard to questions about the election.

You hear them tossing around all kinds of attack against Trump for doing so.

But surprise, surprise he has every right to do that. That is within the Constitution.

But but you wouldn’t know that if you listened to MSNBC’s Chuck Todd attacking Trump today on his show for Trump utilizing his legal options. Todd claimed Trump was attacking the process and “undermining the incoming president.”

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley called out MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for his hypocrisy.

These same media folks had absolutely no issue with Al Gore exploring his legal options. These are the same people who catered to Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton who had no such questions about their elections but whose tantrums the media gave all kinds of life to. Because all three were Democrats. These are the same folks who had no issue with pushing the Russia collusion hoax and running who knows how many pieces attacking Trump’s legitimacy because of the phony story.

Here’s Chuck Todd a year ago, still pushing the claim that “Russia hacked the election” which never happened and was even debunked by Barack Obama himself.

It was because of folks like Todd that so many Democrats believed and still believe that Russians somehow changed vote totals, that somehow the Russians made Trump president.

Where’s Todd’s coverage of how Joe Biden was involved in the Jan. 5, 2017 meeting to try to “Logan Act” Gen. Michael Flynn, “undermining the incoming president?” Pretty sure that you wouldn’t find it.

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