Bombshell Affidavits Detail Significant Problems in Georgia Vote Count

AP Photo/Mike Stewart

Ivan Pentchoukov, a reporter for The Epoch Times, highlighted several affidavits filed in the action by L.Lin Wood against the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.


We’ve already brought you multiple stories about the problems in Georgia.

But the affidavits are eye-opening and raise even more questions.

Here’s one poll worker in Fulton County who explains the machines arrived unsealed, unlocked, serial numbers not matching the documentation and “the green bar coded tags that are supposed to cover the door covering the memory card was broken.”

Yikes. That would appear to be a major problem.

Then there was basically a ten thousand vote miscount, according to another affidavit of an official, as we reported earlier, that fortunately was caught before it was counted, where an extra 10,000 votes were being attributed to Joe Biden.

Then multiple recount watchers swore under oath that they saw ballots for President Donald Trump or Jo Jorgenson being placed in the piles for Joe Biden.


Even a registered Democrat reported the same problem.

Then a 20 year election worker saw something that didn’t pass the smell test, saw hundreds of ballots that raised a lot of questions, all in row looking pristine, similarly marked with perfect bubbles in the circle, all for Biden except two.

Several other recount workers and monitors also described these votes.


And one even said he saw this problem elsewhere, in another county as well.

Combine that with the problems we’ve already seen in Georgia and perhaps this explains why suddenly Georgia “went blue.” But all these problems obviously raise a lot of issues and need to have answers.


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