Can We Say Again? Third County in Georgia Finds More Missing Votes, Most for Trump

So that thing that wasn’t supposed to happen even once according to the left has now happened three times.

Now, a third county has found votes that failed to be tabulated previously in the election. Once again, most of them are votes for President Donald Trump.


According to the Walton Tribune, Walton County found 284 missing from one precinct, netting 176 votes for President Donald Trump.

Lori Wood, chairwoman of the Board of Election, said the Between precinct had two scanners.

“One of them got uploaded and another one didn’t,” she said.

Wood said she was confident the error would have been found and all votes counted.

“We would have discovered it. Maybe not this week, but we would have discovered it,” she said. “The audit brought it to our attention sooner.”

So it sounds similar to the cases of Floyd County and Fayette County , as we reported, who both found thousands of votes which had not been uploaded. Overall, they’ve found more than 5,000 missing votes, most for the president. That’s cut Biden’s lead down to 12,929 and continues to wave a big flag as to how everything has been conducted when you find issues like this.

The Secretary of State called the Floyd County error “human error” and “gross negligence” then said he thought the Floyd County election manager should resign. He hasn’t made such a call as to the other two counties as of yet. The Floyd County GOP chair blamed the Dominion system as we previously reported.


This shows once again the importance of having an audit of the vote and shows there’s obviously a big problem with either with the system or the failure to upload votes when you have three counties having the same issue. This is just counting the votes, imagine what mistakes there may have been in verifying signatures.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the secretary of state’s office will release the audited numbers from all 159 counties likely on Thursday, and that release will include electronic tabulations, scanned images of tally sheets and other documents.


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