CNN May Be in Deep Trouble, But Here's a Suggestion That's Perfect Karma for Trump Supporters

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So I have a feel good story for your Sunday and a suggestion that just might give you a Sunday laugh.

There are reports that CNN may be up for for sale.

Apparently, according to Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino, AT&T is in some big time money trouble and they’re looking to unload CNN.


Gasparino told Tucker Carlson on his show that AT&T needs to cut costs, is “financially unstable” and is looking to unload the network whose ratings have taken a hit while “hating Trump.” “It may have hit its peak.”

CNN has failed to hit its revenue targets.

From Bongino Report:

A recent report in the Wall Street Journal stated that CNN was on track to miss revenue targets by a massive $100-120 million this year, a figure significant in both dollar value and as a percentage of revenue for a network expected to bring in just under $800 million in ad revenue this year.

If they no longer had the president to hate on anymore, Gasparino posited they know they would take a further hit.

What great news. Everyone could potentially be out on their ear. Allow me for a moment to bask in their delicious failure and to note that they deserve every bit of it for how they have tried to divide the country.

Pro tip? Attacking half the country is quite likely to make you take a significant hit to your bottom line.

Gasparino posited a possible sale to founder and Washington Post Jeff Bezos.

But I have another thought.

I, like 73 million other people, would like to have President Donald Trump prevail in his legal challenges and voting questions, to remain president of the United States. But if he did not prevail, what would be greater justice than buying CNN and taking on the other media? Can you imagine the fun he would have telling some of the supreme pain-in-the-ass folks they have there, like Jim Acosta, “You’re fired!” How about then poaching the worthwhile folks away from Fox like Tucker Carlson and a few of the others to help build back better to rebuild the soul of CNN? (See what I did there?). That would also teach a valuable lesson to Fox, who as we reported earlier has issues and is hemorrhaging viewers because of it. Good work all around.



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