Chickens Come Home to Roost: Antifa Sends Dems a Violent Message That They're Not 'Just an Idea'


Democrats have supported and praised the BLM, even denying the existence of Antifa as a group, with Joe Biden even calling it “just an idea.”

But the folks on the far left aren’t going to let up because Joe Biden might get power. They believe that they helped get him there and they are now demanding he come across. He’s going to be caught in a wicksaw, either he does and alienates the middle still more or he doesn’t and the left goes wild all over him.


They’re already showing they expect him to comply. Or else.

BLM/Antifa attacked a Democratic campaign office in Portland, Oregon. Their point? A clear one. “No presidents,” they sprayed on the property, accompanied by the anarchy sign. “F*ck Biden,” they also scrawled, as well as “ACAB (All cops are bastards).” They also broke out several of the windows of the office.

From KPTV:

As the group was fleeing the area, officers arrived and made targeted arrests.

Three people were arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Jail:

James Walker Prettyman, 24, charged with second-degree criminal mischief.
Thomas Mollrocek, 33, second-degree criminal mischief and third-degree escape.
Maximillan Jennings, 22, first-degree criminal mischief.


BLM/Antifa has clashed with Biden supporters in multiple cities, mostly over the celebrations for Biden and their belief that they they haven’t gotten what they wanted yet, so no one should be celebrating.

They also disrupted a Biden celebration in Seattle for similar reasons. One Biden supporter was later shot to death later in the night, early on Sunday morning. Who shot him or why is unclear. Police are still investigating the circumstances of that shooting.


Democrats pumped these guys up. Now they are going to have to deal with the consequences. You deal with the devil, sometimes he demands payment.

So how long until the media starts condemning these guys and saying it’s no longer a “peaceful protest” if they’re targeting Democrats? And if they are “smashing fascism,” does that make Democrats fascists? Democratic rules, applied now to themselves.


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