Dems in Trouble With Republican Turnout in Florida, and It's Glorious Watching the Freak Out on CNN


The Republicans have been turning out in massive numbers in Florida which is excellent for President Donald Trump and a warning to Joe Biden that he may be in big trouble there.

One of the big problems with the Biden campaign is that they haven’t been doing outreach to people on the ground throughout the summer because of the pandemic. That caused field organizers to flip out because they realized what a disaster that was, while the Trump folks were still doing what they could to reach out to millions across the country. On top of that, Hispanic support for Trump has exploded, outperforming even his 2016 numbers. This is in part because the Democrats have been lurching precipitously towards socialism. Many in Florida, refugees from oppressive nations like Cuba and Venezuela, see all the warning signs and are scared to death of what the Democrats are doing. They also see the failure of the Democrats to properly call out the radical leftist riots.

In Miami-Dade, a county that Biden is expected to win, he needs a big number to counteract the rest of the state. But what is scaring the Democrats is that the turnout for them is just not there. Not only are Democratic voters turning out at lower rates than when Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, but they’re turning out at lower rates than the Republicans.

From Townhall:

“Democrats have a big turnout issue in the Hispanic community in Miami-Dade,” said Florida-based Democratic data analyst Matt Isbell. “Hispanic Democrat turnout is only 48% while the Republican Hispanics are at 57%. This large of a gap doesn’t exist in Broward or Orange. It is a Miami problem.”

Polling of Florida’s Hispanics has been all over the board. A Mason-Dixon poll conducted for Telemundo and released Thursday showed Biden leading Trump 48-43 percent among Florida Hispanics, a margin that could be disastrous for Democrats.

Joshua Geise, Florida director for America Votes, an independent organization coordinating with 50 groups on the ground to turn out voters for Biden, admitted the problem and said they had 100,000 conversations with people in Miami-Dade in the past week. “We’ve got to stop the bleeding,” Geise said.

One veteran Democratic organizer said they weren’t turning out the folks they needed to turn out.

“Look, our people hate Trump and they like Biden. But not enough of them love Biden,” the organizer said. “It also doesn’t help that the campaign reacted so late here and they didn’t help us with voter registration when we needed to be doing it.”

The freak out on CNN was glorious. They cited Rep. Frederika Wilson (D-FL) who’s from Florida, who begged the Biden campaign to reach out to people and was rebuffed. David Axelrod also admitted to the big problems.

Pass the popcorn, it’s gonna be fun.