The AP Does It Again, Running Cover for Antifa With an Unbelievable Description of Rioters

The AP seems to have been on a roll of late, trying to spin as best they can, to recast the violent BLM/Antifa riots into something that might be more palatable to the American public.


The AP has already tried to change the meaning of words, telling folks that they shouldn’t be calling a riot a riot.

Now, the AP is trying to clean up the violent leftist rioters themselves, saying that it’s President Donald Trump portraying the rioters as “violent urban left wing radicals” when they “look like regular citizens caught up in the moment” and “many are young suburban adults.”

Apparently it’s Trump’s fault that you think they’re violent, don’t believe the evidence of your own eyes, says the AP. Or all the videos showing their violence, they’re not really trying to burn down the courthouse or attack the police.

Let’s also talk about how racist. Sounds like the AP is trying to make some weird coded language distinction between “urban” and “suburban” kids, a distinction Trump never made, just referring to leftist radicals. Do they think only white kids live in the suburbs or only black kids live in urban areas? And “regular citizens?” Are urban kids not “regular citizens?” What the heck is this nonsense?


The AP claims they look just like “regular citizens caught up in the moment — many are young suburban adults.” Talk about spinning to excuse these characters. They’re giving them cover.

Needless to say, the AP got leveled in the comments to their tweet below.


Oh by the way, AP? Are these the “regular citizens” of whom you speak?

I don’t know about you, but they don’t look like the folks I see in the neighborhood, nothing to do with skin color, urban/surburban. Everything to do with not being stable and/or being radical leftists.

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