Oregon's Dem Gov. Finally Declares 'State of Emergency' in Portland, but It's the Most Hypocritical Move Ever

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FILE – In this March 16, 2020, file photo, Gov. Kate Brown speaks at a news conference to announce a four-week ban on eat-in dining at bars and restaurants due to COVID-19 throughout the state in Portland, Ore. Asked what she thought of President Donald Trump’s insistence that he has “total authority” to order states to open their economies, Brown said Tuesday, April 14, 2020, it has been the states at the front lines of combating the COVID-19 pandemic: addressing the needs around personal protective equipment, testing capacity and hospital bed capacity. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus, File)

It’s been almost four months, 118 nights of virtually constant rioting in Portland and the surrounding areas because of the radical leftists of BLM and Antifa.

Hundreds of injuries and even deaths, attacks on cops, things burned down and destroyed, millions in damage.

But after all this time, the Oregon Governor has finally declared a State of Emergency.

It’s because the Proud Boys announced they would be holding a rally.

According to the OPB, this declaration allows the authorities to use the Oregon State Police and the Multnomah Sheriff’s Office to lead the response, so the Portland Police would have to follow them. They’ve also agreed to lift any bans on the use of tear gas that the Democratic politicians had decreed in the use against the far-left radicals.

“The First Amendment does not give anyone license to hurt or kill someone because of opposing political views,” Brown said. “And when free expression is fueled by hate and coupled with an intent to incite violence, then I need to do everything I can as governor to ensure the safety of Oregonians.”


While the Proud Boys have gotten into brawls with Antifa, it isn’t them rioting, attacking hundreds of police, and burning down the city. If Brown will recall, it’s Antifa who stalked and killed a Patriot Prayer member on the street, not the other way around.

But for the left, this is their “excuse” to try to deflect from the riots and build up the Proud Boys as some kind of threat to anyone but Antifa. It’s actually trending on Twitter as the Left melting down over the “hate group.”

For Brown, Proud Boys are “fueled by hate” because they want to take on Antifa and are intent on inciting violence, but BLM/Antifa, who have rioted for months and actually pushed hatred against police, the city, and the country, are just ‘expressing their First Amendment rights’ and are ‘antiracist’ protesters. Brown and the other similar Democrats fail to see their own hypocrisy on the matter.

But while the Proud Boys have said they are going to rally Saturday night and Antifa has said they are going to respond, there’s also speculation they may do what they did in Philadelphia, announce and not show up. That left Antifa there spinning their wheels with no one to attack but media and each other. And this would also mean that the state police could respond with tear gas to Antifa.


But the Proud Boys’ announcement has definitely already exposed the hypocrisy of the Democrats.



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