Kamala Harris and Biden Staffers Donated to Bail Out Folks Arrested During Riots, Here's What One of Them Then Did

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., looks up as she signs required documents for receiving the Democratic nomination for President and Vice President of the United States in Wilmington, Del., Friday, Aug. 14, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

As we previously reported, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and at least 13 Biden campaign staffers donated to a bail fund in Minnesota to help get out people arrested during the riots there. Harris not only donated, but she also promoted the Fund on Twitter encouraging other people to donate as well.

The fund got a tremendous amount of money, $35 million dollars, and used it to help bail out several people.

The people they got out weren’t just for minor things.

But we also wanted to let Harris, the Biden staffers and the Hollywood celebrities that contributed to this bail fund know just exactly what the result of their money was.


They helped bail out ‘peaceful protestor’ Lionel Timms, who was re-arrested last week for an alleged assault that left the victim with a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury.

Great job, Democrats!

From Minnesota CBS Local:

According to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, Lionel Timms faces one felony count of third-degree assault — causing substantial bodily harm — in connection to the Aug. 14 incident.

The morning of the incident, Timms allegedly punched and kicked a victim in an alley located on the 300 block of Hennepin Avenue East. Witnesses reported seeing the victim being kicked while on the ground. Timms was arrested in the early afternoon after the report of a suspicious person, the complaint said.

The victim is being treated at Hennepin Healthcare for a traumatic brain injury, a fractured skull and a brain bleed. The victim also needed stitches.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund said they were “deeply saddened and troubled” by his arrest.

Maybe, if they had been “deeply saddened and troubled” enough by his first alleged assault of a person on a bus, they wouldn’t have helped to get him out so he could assault someone else?

But they didn’t blame him or their actions. They blamed the government for not processing his release fast enough to prevent him from receiving support “as he requested,” “setting the stage for the subsequent tragedy.”


Oh, gee. Sorry. Government didn’t throw support at him so he had to kick a person and give them traumatic brain injury? Is that what you actually just said? It is what you actually just said.

This is what Kamala Harris and the Biden staffers contributed to. This is what this organization was doing with the money.

Who in media is going to ask Harris and Biden what is their answer for doing this?


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