It's Almost As if It Wasn't Really About the Feds: Media Tries to Spin, But Portland Rioters Act Up Again and Take It to the Suburbs

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Federal officers advance on demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Saturday, July 25, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Media has been trying to spread the claim that without the federal agents there, that now there’s suddenly peace and no evil federal goons attacking the poor peaceful protesters in Portland.

Here’s The NY Times’ Nick Kristof.

That’s complete horse hockey, on every level.

First, on Friday night, there were a lot of ‘protesters’ out in front of the building with the federal agents still inside. So why didn’t the evil federal goons attack the poor ‘peaceful protesters’ who were still there? Because for the first time in weeks, there were no real attacks on the federal courthouse or federal agents. Funny how that works? Don’t attack and try to blow up or burn down the building, no one has to respond to try to stop you.

Of course they still burnt Bibles and American flags and one had a very unhappy experience when he tried to shoot off a bottle rocket at the building.

One Friday night, more than 150 rounds were fired at an apartment building and bullets struck at least eight occupied apartments and seven vehicles. One round struck a woman in the arm.


From Fox:

Though it was not immediately clear whether the shooting was linked to demonstrations seen in Portland nearly every night since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the end of May, another resident, Kemoh Sulimani, connected the violence to the city’s efforts to defund police.

“They had a gang violence task force that are no longer funded, which is unfortunate because as soon as that defunding happened all of this really peaked up,” Sulimani told Fox 12.

But on Saturday night, the rioters were back at it, attacking the Portland Police, as we reported earlier.

Here’s more detail:

People “shined bright lights at Portland police officers standing outside the building, directed lasers at the officers, and eventually began throwing glass bottles at them,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a summary of events. One person in the crowd threw a glass jar or bottle filled with paint, striking a Portland police officer in the head. The officer was not seriously injured.

As people continued to throw glass bottles and other objects, Portland police declared that the assembly blocking East Burnside was unlawful and directed people to disperse. Police said “people with ‘press’ written on their outer garments repeatedly threw objects at officers.” Two people were arrested.

So once again, rioters not only attacked law enforcement, but they also faked at being press, which now endangers all the real press in the area, of which Mr. Kristof seems completely unaware.


They tried marching into another area to march on another police building and leaving trash and cans in the way of the cops in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood. That did not go well.

Imagine this is what you hear in your neighborhood as you’re trying to sleep.

So now here comes the spin for that:

Nope. What’s the thing in common between rioters and feds vs. rioters and local police? Rioters.


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