Pelosi Wants to Ignore the Constitution and Control Who President Can Pardon

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The left is melting down over President Donald Trump commuting the sentence of Roger Stone.


But the same people who suggest that that’s somehow not in accordance with law and order are the same people who helped perpetrate and spread the Russia collusion hoax for three years, that went after people like Stone for “collusion” that didn’t exist. They’re the same people who have no problem with the DNC and the Clinton team acquiring Russian disinformation through Christopher Steele to undermine Trump. A British court just dropped more evidence of that. Did any of the media besides Catherine Herridge cover it? Not that I can see. Are any of the Democrats called to account or even asked about it? Nope.

It’s completely within the power of the president to pardon or commute the sentence of any federal prisoner. It’s part of his basic constitutional power under Article II, Section 2.

From Washington Examiner:

Trump and some of his fellow Republicans have long maintained that Stone was treated unfairly and was the victim of political persecution.

“Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency,” the White House said in a statement. “There was never any collusion between the Trump Campaign, or the Trump Administration, with Russia.”

The White House also said that Stone, who had raised concerns about the coronavirus, “would be put at serious medical risk” if sent to prison.


But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently doesn’t understand the Constitution and wants to change that now.

“I’m recommending that we pass a law that presidents cannot issue a pardon if the crime that the person is in jail for is one that is caused by protecting the President, which this was.” Since there was no collusion, it’s pretty hard to support that claim, not to mention it wasn’t a pardon, it was a commutation.

But it’s astonishing the gall that Democrats have about all this, not only given how they have hurt the country over this hoax, but because of the very pardons and commutations that Democratic presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama meted out when Democrats dare to talk about “law and order.”

Let’s walk through just a couple.

Barack Obama commuted the sentence of the FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.

The FALN was responsible for over 130 bombings during this period, including the January 1975 explosion in Manhattan’s historic Fraunces Tavern, which killed four and wounded 63. In October of that year, it set off, all within the span of an hour, 10 bombs in three cities, causing nearly a million dollars in damage. In August 1977, the FALN set off a series of bombs in Manhattan, forcing 100,000 workers to evacuate their offices; one person was killed, and six were injured. In 1979, the group even threatened to blow up the Indian Point nuclear energy facility located north of New York City. It later sent a communiqué warning the U.S. to “remember … that you have never experienced war on your vitals and that you have many nuclear reactors.” In 1980, FALN members stormed the Carter-Mondale election headquarters in Chicago, and the George H.W. Bush campaign headquarters in New York, holding employees there hostage at gunpoint. In 1981, they plotted to kidnap President Reagan’s son Ron. Plainly, the group was deadly serious about its objectives—a free, independent and socialist Puerto Rico—and zealous in its pursuit of them.


Bill Clinton had already commuted the sentences of 16 members of the FALN.

As far as self-interested pardons, perhaps Pelosi missed actual incredibly self-interested pardons under Bill Clinton? Of course because Democrats didn’t have an issue with those and because Democrats are never prosecuted nothing came of all the questions related to them.

Almon Glenn Braswell paid Hillary Clinton’s brother Hugh Rodham $200,000 to represent his case for clemency. He had been convicted of mail fraud and perjury in 1983. Clinton pardoned him on his last day in office in 2001. After it came out Rodham returned the money.

Clinton pardoned Marc Rich for tax evasion even though he was a fugitive. Denise Eisenberg Rich, his former wife, had made substantial donations to both the Clinton library and to Mrs. Clinton’s senate campaign.

Clinton also pardoned Susan McDougal for her role in the Whitewater scandal, she got 18 months for contempt of court when she refused to answer questions from a grand jury about whether Clinton lied during his testimony about the scandal.

He even pardoned his own brother, Roger, for drug charges.

So seriously, Nancy, where were you then?

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