Antifa Attacks Portland Federal Courthouse for Two Nights in a Row, Again Building an Occupied Zone

Antifa Attacks Portland Federal Courthouse for Two Nights in a Row, Again Building an Occupied Zone
AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

For two nights now, the Portland federal courthouse has been under attack by radical leftists and there’s been virtually no national coverage of it.

Andy Ngo who covers Antifa and the local media have covered it, but you would think that attacks on a federal courthouse would qualify as “national news.” Unless you’re trying to downplay the violent attacks on police officers and the law.

About two hundred radicals were involved with the first wave of the attack on Thursday night.

According to the police they broke in the north side doors of the Justice Center, then they broke glass doors on the Federal Courthouse.

When the police and federal officers came out to protect the building, Antifa began “launching projectiles at the officers with sling shots. These projectiles included large rocks, full cans, and bottles. Demonstrators also threw lit commercial grade fireworks, which landed inside the broken glass doors of the federal courthouse.”

They also continued to set fires in the street.

Officers began dispersing the crowd in an effort to move them from the immediate area. During this lawful action, the demonstrators were very hostile and violent towards officers. An open pocket knife was thrown at an officer, coming within inches from striking them. Demonstrators continued to throw large rocks and full cans, as well as shot off commercial grade fireworks towards officers. During this time, several arrests were made. Once demonstrators were at Southwest 6th Avenue and Southwest Main Street, officers disengaged the crowd.

They also pushed dumpsters on fire toward the building.

Then the radicals launched mortars into the Federal Courthouse through the broken glass doors and set the building on fire.

This is a war:

Just note, not military but federal marshals.

Look at what they did to the building in addition to this is just out and out attacking the police and trying to hurt/kill them. This isn’t protest. Several officers were reportedly injured in the attack.

Something tells me those “steps” are not going to work.

Police were able to disperse them over several hours but they came back on Friday night.

Several people were arrested by police.

The purpose behind this is not just to create chaos and promote revolution, it’s also to try to bankrupt the city which would force them to cut back on police. ‘Long march through the institutions’ to destroy everything we are.

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