Lisa Page Just Got a New Job, It's A New Low for Her Employers

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Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page arrives for a closed-door interview with the House Judiciary and House Oversight committees, Monday, July 16, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

2020 certainly seems to be going for the record of things that make you just shake your head and go “what’s happening to the world.

But we just got another indication that, at some point, the media gave up any semblance of being objective.

Guess where the infamous former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is now going to work giving “legal analysis?”

If you guessed CNN, you were close. She got scooped up by MSDNC, the other home for left-over Democrats to hate on President Donald Trump and the GOP. She is their new MSNBC “National Security and Legal Analyst.”

Their public relations department just announced it.

It’s a new low, even for them. They don’t care what she did in the slightest. But it proves the point of both her bias and that of MSDNC. We truly live in stupid times when they think this is alright.

She was sitting next to the Special Counsel’s pit bull, Andrew Weissman, who joined MSNBC last year as a legal analyst. But yeah, no problem there at all.

Can you imagine during her first segment, she had the utter gall to attack Attorney General Bill Barr, claiming that he “doesn’t feel bound by the norms,” according to the Washington Examiner:


“I think what’s more important to recognize here is how fragile the rule of law is, how much it depends on norms and the exercise of restraint. And what you see here is the exact opposite of that,” Page argued.

“You’ve seen an attorney general who doesn’t feel bound by the norms that his predecessors have,” she said.

Just mind boggling that she can say that without her tongue going up in flames from the lies.

Hope she’s ready to answer that subpoena Congress just announced she’ll be getting.

MSNBC is now getting ratioed out the wazoo for employing her.



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