Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, Jr Tag Team Acosta and CNN for Pushing Chinese Propaganda


Jim Acosta

Someone really needs to take Jim Acosta’s mic. He’s long since stopped being a journalist if he ever was.

If he’s so obsessed with his hatred of President Donald Trump that he can’t recognize or acknowledge the blame that both China and the WHO share in helping the virus spread all over the world, he’s not only not being a journalist but he’s harming Americans and serving the propaganda of the Chinese government.


Today, Trump called out the WHO again as he announced he would be halting funding to them.

Acosta just couldn’t take it.

Pro tip to Acosta? If you’re calling someone a “scapegoat,” you’re claiming they’re being unfairly blamed.

This is basically ignoring the facts and covering for the Chinese government while ignoring the involvement of the WHO in spreading the false information.

Here they are falsely claiming it wasn’t communicable, although they had already been warned on Dec. 31 by Taiwan that it likely was.


They also advised at the end of January that it was just cool to continue to travel. Fortunately, at the same time, President Donald Trump decided to ignore them and cut travel with China.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked a great question.

Then, Donald Trump, Jr tagged in.


Astonishing how much CNN is willing to bend over for China.

When you carry water for people who have infected the world, Jim, you are not a hero, you are a propagandist. It is irrefutable fact that China lied and covered up the delay in their response to the virus. It’s indisputable that WHO spread false information that then delayed a proper response from all the world.

Yet media like Jim, instead of pointing the finger correctly where it should be pointed, turn a blind eye to the truth because they hate Trump. There is no journalism, only activism in the service of the narrative. If you don’t get why your actions pit you against the American people, that’s why you fail.


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