Pelosi Claims Trump 'Fiddles' While 'People Are Dying,' Trump, Jr, Lindsay Graham, and Others Light Her Up for Her Hypocrisy

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks outside her office on Capitol Hill, Monday, March 23, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)

At a time when folks should be putting political animosities aside to pull together and help fight the Wuhan coronavirus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has chosen the opposite, not only to be a blockade to getting things done to help provide relief to people, but also falsely accusing President Donald Trump of “denial” and delaying equipment being “deadly.”


She appeared on “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper on Sunday and made the disgusting comments.

Pelosi claimed that Trump’s “denial at the beginning” was “deadly.” She also said that Trump’s “delaying” of getting equipment where it needed to be is “deadly.” She went on to say the best thing would be not to open things up and that we had to have “testing, testing, testing.”

What did he know? And when did he know it? Pelosi said, “that’s for an after-action review,” suggesting that what’s on her mind once again seems to be her all-encompassing desire to go after the President for something.

It’s a complete rewriting of history, as though she’s hoping none of us remember the facts of the past three months or even the past week.

First of all, while the President was appointing a task force, activating the CDC, and cutting off travel with China, what were the Democrats doing? Spending their time in a knowingly fruitless effort to impeach Trump to politically injure him, calling the task force “too white” and claiming that cutting off travel was “racist” or “xenophobic.” The only denial at the beginning was from Democrats. You had Democratic politicians in places like NYC encouraging people to go out and party in February and even in March.


Not to mention that she’s the one who came in and blew up the agreement the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate had reached to try to see what pork they could put in the bill in a particularly shameful display as, every day, Americans were losing their jobs or businesses were going under, not knowing when they would see any relief because of her.

Moreover, you can see another false narrative being thrown out there – that Trump denied or delayed equipment and people died because of it when there are absolutely no facts to back that up. Indeed, Cuomo says they have the equipment they need now, although obviously they’re concerned for the future which is why Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act to make sure that all needs are covered across the country.

Then, listen to Pelosi as she describes what happened during Congressional discussions last Sunday. She claims she quoted Pope Francis and a prayer before she blew up the bill and denied Americans relief for a week but that horrible evil Steve Mnuchin was concerned about the stock market (as though that didn’t impact the lives of millions of Americans). It’s just so vile, as she claims to be one with “values.”


Again, she’s rewriting history. She literally delayed the bill and is saying even more is needed, while she tried to shove in everything she could for pork and pet Democratic issues. How does she live with her own hypocrisy? Even worse, as she’s already telegraphing, she’s already trying to lay the groundwork for once again spending how much money and time going after Trump’s response when they’re working around the clock to address the virus.

People let her know that they haven’t forgotten.



Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) called it “the most shameful, disgusting statement by any politician in modern history.”

“This is the same Speaker of the House who held up the bill in the Senate for days because she wanted same-day voting. She wanted carbon neutrality for the airlines, she wanted $75 million for the endowment for the humanities and $25 million for the Kennedy Center,” Graham explained. “She is the one that held up the package in the Senate for days to get the Green New Deal put in a recovery package. So it’s the most shameful, disgusting thing I’ve heard yet and it needs to stop.”


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