Biden Makes Troubling Comments About Military, China: 'We Don't Need Standing Armies'

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Democrats seem to be intent upon taking their party over Niagara Falls, both with impeachment and with their candidates.

On Wednesday, House impeachment manager Adam Schiff basically admitted that it was all about the election, that they needed to impeach President Donald Trump because they couldn’t guarantee the election would be “fair.”


Why? Because they know Trump is likely to win and their candidates are horrible.

Example: the present Democrat leader, Joe Biden.

Not only did Biden freak out on a reporter this week, but he also made more remarks that should trouble anyone who cares about the safety of the United States. Frightening that he’s the “moderate.”

Listen to him here say “we don’t need standing armies.”

From Daily Wire:

“The idea that we have a serious problem facing us now that’s different, and it’s dealing with the whole idea of cyber war, underground cables that go across the Atlantic that allow us to control everything from satellites to shipping,” Biden told the audience. “We have to be prepared to modernize those, keep ourselves way ahead of the game to make sure that they are not able to be screwed with.”

Biden continued, “So, the idea we’re gonna cut the defense budget significantly, we can cut it some, but we don’t need standing armies, we need to be smarter than we’re dealing now into how we handle this.”

Yikes. Either he has no idea what a “standing army” is and that’s scary in and of itself, or he’s proposing something beyond radical. Um, Joe? A standing army is what we have now, our permanent full-time military, the best one in the world. Trump has had to reinvigorate it after Obama eviscerated it with cuts. But to suggest that we don’t need a standing army is insane.


He also seemed to say that we should be “helping” China rather than seeing China as a competitor or a foe, a dangerous position to take.

Meanwhile, is Hunter Biden still on that board that was connected to the government of China or did he actually leave?

Robert Gates is famous for saying Biden was wrong about every foreign policy position. That may have been an understatement, because it’s only limited to foreign policy. But this is the guy Democrats now have as their leader for the nomination.


These folks say it for all of us.


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