Soleimani Frenzy: Crazy Young Liberals Who Think They're About to Be Drafted Crash the Selective Service Site

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


Media and Democrats have whipped up folks on the left into a frenzy thinking that we’ve just seen the start of World War III with Iran because of the killing of IRGC terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani.


Because of that, “World War III” trended on Twitter and many young people apparently thought they were about to be drafted and crashed the Selective Service site trying to find out information.

Selective Service even had to tweet about it to advise people why the site was down.

Yes, maybe Democrats should stop spreading that “misinformation?”

The New York Times described one reaction:

But on Friday, after a United States drone strike in Iraq killed Iran’s top security and intelligence commander, prompting concerns about the possibility of a new war in the Middle East, that oft-forgotten paperwork became a reason for spiking anxiety among many Americans.

“World War III” started trending on social media. Young men suddenly recalled registering after their 18th birthdays, many having done so while applying for college financial aid. One Twitter user posted that he had blocked the account of the United States Army, with the (faulty) reasoning that: “They can’t draft you if they can’t see you.”


Well, that’ll work. Not.

You also got responses like this:

This is what some of these folks sound like:

This, of course, is crazy. There is no “World War III” and there is no draft, and anyone who understands civics or history would understand that neither is imminent from this event. But that’s a big part of the problem, some millennials can be hoodwinked because many don’t have that grounding.

Exactly. The NY Times wrote the draft story but nowhere in there do they say: it ain’t happening. Thus, not disabusing anybody of the fiction.


The Selective Service tried to clarify for these folks, but that only made some think that it was more likely.

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