Jesse Watters Asks Juan Williams to Apologize to the Cadets/Midshipmen, He Refuses

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Last week, many in media and on Twitter had a meltdown, accusing cadets and midshipmen of flashing a “white power” symbol during the Army/Navy game.


Fortunately, the two academies, with the assistance of the FBI and the NCIS, quickly investigated, talked to a boatload of people and determined that the students were just playing the “circle game,” which involves flashing basically an upside down “ok” sign, something folks in the military and elsewhere have been playing for decades.

Can you imagine being the students and having to be grilled by the FBI and NCIS over that?

The academies indicated, however, that the students involved would receive appropriate administrative and/or disciplinary actions” for not acting professionally, despite the fact they were at a football game.

Dana Perino played a clip of how some of the media had reacted.

So are media apologizing today for falsely accusing the students? Not so much. They just can’t let it go. Juan Williams was a great example.

Jesse Watters asked Williams on “The Five” would he apologize, now that the investigation was done.

Williams refused, insisting that despite the decades of innocent use, the symbol was now “associated with white supremacy.”


“Let me tell you something, Juan,” Watters asked. “If all of a sudden a dozen white supremacists started wearing a blue tie and the next day I wore a blue tie, am I flashing a white supremacist signal?”

Greg Gutfeld explained how it began as a 4 Chan hoax to hook media into demonizing a completely normal sign and “they fell for it.”

The panel spoke of the social media mob “assuming the worst” as they did with the Covington kids because it serves the narrative and the mob feeding frenzy.

The most important thing left out of a lot of these social media mob frenzies are facts and intent, which should always matter, but frequently don’t on social media.

Williams continued to refuse, ultimately arguing that the cadets were punished for their “bad behavior.”

HT: Daily Caller


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