Comey: There Were 'More Consequential' Mistakes Than FISA Abuse During My Tenure, I Wouldn't Resign If I Were Still in Office

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


It’s hard to estimate how much former FBI Director James Comey damaged the FBI with the many failings and improper actions under his leadership.


He has an incredibly high opinion of himself, some might even call narcissism.

He showed that again with his reaction to the release of the IG report where he claimed vindication initially until the IG said that no one who had touched the Crossfire Hurricane probe, including Comey, should feel vindicated.

He embarrassed himself during his interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace by suggesting that the problems in the case were just about “mistakes” and “real sloppiness” but Chris Wallace nailed him with the lies and the failure to inform the FISA court about the unreliability of Steele and the dossier, as well as not telling the court that the DNC and the Clinton team had funded it.

Comey also made another pretty interesting statement during the interview.

Wallace asked him if he were still in office as the head of the FBI when this report on the FISA abuse came down, would he have resigned? Of course, that would require honor and humility. So naturally, what do you think Comey’s response was? No way.


As the Daily Caller notes, Comey says, “There were mistakes I consider more consequential than this during my tenure…” They ask: What is a more “consequential mistake” than lying to a secret court to spy on an American citizen?

That’s a great question. What other mistakes are you talking about? Makes you think, right?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also asked that question for all of us.

That’s also classic Comey. How would the fact that you had even bigger mistakes an excuse for all of this?

But all he has to do is be “transparent,” he says.

Yup, just like he’s been transparent about all the abuse over the past three years?

This takes some gall.



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