Parents Sue School They Say Taught Daughter, 'Girls Aren't Real'

What would you do if your six year old daughter came home from school and told you that she wasn’t sure about being a girl because her teacher told her “there’s no such thing as boys and girls” and “girls are not real and boys are not real?”


That’s the situation Pamela and Jason Buffone say there were faced with when their daughter told them what had happened in her class during a lesson on gender identity.

They’ve now filed a complaint on behalf of their daughter is named as “NB” against the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, the teacher involved and the principal of the school.

Pamela Buffone said the problem started in January of last year when a new teacher, Janine Blouin, took over her daughter’s class.

From Radio Canada International:

“She was very passionate about all kinds of social justice topics, most of which our daughter really enjoyed learning about,” Buffone said.

One day, Blouin showed the class a YouTube video entitled, “He, She, and They?!? – Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2”.

The video, produced by Queer Kid Stuff, an LGBTQ+ and social justice webseries for children, discussed the concept of gender identity, and asserted that “some people aren’t boys or girls” and that those who do not feel like a “she” or a “he” might not have a gender.

During another lesson, Blouin drew a gender spectrum on the board and asked each student to identify where they fit on the spectrum. NB indicated that she was on the furthest end of the spectrum marked “girl.” Blouin then told the class that “girls are not real, and boys are not real,” the human rights complaint alleges.


One wonders what other “social justice topics” she’s talking about.

But here’s the Queer Kids Stuff video they showed the kids, specifically marketed to teachers to use in class and it’s obviously geared to elementary-aged young children. How many teachers are actually using things like this? This group is out of Maine, not Canada.

Buffone said all this completely confused her daughter.

“At the age of six she was just figuring out that animals are divided into boys and girls; when she met a new dog on the street, for example, she would ask ‘is it a boy or a girl?’,” Buffone said. “So she was very confused by what her teacher was saying and was struggling to understand what it meant for her as a girl.”

Buffone said following the lessons her daughter stated that she was not sure if she wanted to be a mommy when she grew up, and asked if she could “go to the doctor” to do something about the fact that she is a girl.

Buffone spoke with the teacher and the principal but didn’t get anywhere because they didn’t see anything wrong in what was being taught.

They ended up taking their daughter out of the school, but said that it affected her for awhile and they were still concerned about the affect on other children. So their attorney filed an amended complaint last week claiming discrimination against “gender conforming” kids and to get the school to stop saying boys and girls don’t exist.


Among other things, the family is asking the tribunal to force the school board to stop “teaching gender theory in any manner which suggests that sex categories of male and female do not exist, or are fluid, or exist on a spectrum,” she added.

“To teach otherwise cannot be anything but discrimination on the basis of sex, which is a protected ground,” said Bildy. “If we cannot describe the physical reality of biological sex, then women can no longer defend their human rights as women.”

Kenneth Zucker, a professor of developmental psychology who specializes in gender dysphoria, said this approach basically amounted to a “social experiment” with the kids. He wondered what qualifications the teachers had to push this and what they were doing to assess the effects of what they were doing.


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