Biden Continues to Gaffe 'Expodentially' but Reveals the Real Problem With Dem Policy

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Joe Biden continued to stumble over his words and have trouble explaining himself during Tuesday’s debate.

At one point, he even created a new word, “expodentially.”


Huh? Not to mention, that there is no proof to support whatever else he seems to be trying to say there, that registration helps reduce criminal use of a gun.

Biden confused a lot of people during another segment when first he said he would cut the capital gains tax, then he said he would double it. He then also spoke about “clipping coupons in the stock market.” See if you can figure out what he’s saying here.

From Washington Examiner:

“Demonizing wealth … I talked about how you get things done. The way to get things done is take a look at the tax code right now. The idea, we have to start rewarding work, not just wealth. I would eliminate the capital gains tax,” Biden said, before immediately changing his tune. “I would raise the capital gains tax to the highest rate of 39.5%. I would double it, because, guess what? Why in God’s name should someone who is clipping coupons in the stock market make, in fact, pay a lower tax rate than someone who in fact is, like I said, who is a school teacher and a firefighter?”


“Clipping coupons in the stock market?” Some tried to interpret it.

But beyond the troubling continuing gaffes, stumbles and incoherence, there’s another problem.

When Democrats actually get around to talking about policy rather than just attacking President Donald Trump, they are so glaringly economically wrong.

They want to punish the wealthy for being wealthy, even Biden as he makes clear here. And yet that punishment, with more capital gains taxes, wealth tax and other taxes will affect all of us, would kill jobs and destroy the economy that the GOP and Trump have smartly cultivated with lower taxes, less regulation, the path that has led to our present economic boon.

That’s a lot of harm they’re promising. Expodentially.


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