Confirmed: Rashida Tlaib Facing Ethics Review by House Committee

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) became known shortly after she was sworn into office in January of last year for crudely shouting at a public event that “We should impeach the mother f***er” when referring to President Donald Trump.


Now she faces trouble of her own for possible improper action.

The House Ethics Committee is looking into payments that she made to herself after her win in November, 2018.

While you are allowed to pay yourself during your campaign, you are not supposed to pay yourself after your campaign is over. You are allowed to pay yourself after it’s over if it was for work done prior to the end of the campaign.

Her problem? She paid herself $17,500 after she won.

From Daily Wire:

“The Federal Election Commission states that salary payments may continue ‘until the date of the general election,’” Politico noted in a Monday report on the the probe.

According to reporting from the Washington Free Beacon in March, the elected Democrat made a $2,000 payment to herself on November 16 and shelled out another $15,500 to herself on December 1.

Tlaib spokesman Denzel McCampbell confirmed the review and told told The Hill:

“Representative Tlaib has cooperated completely with the Committee to resolve the referral, which involves the same claims over her publicly disclosed salary during the campaign that conservative groups pressed back in March. Representative Tlaib fully complied with the law and acted in good faith at all times.”

An election law and government ethics lawyer told the Washington Free Beacon in March that the first payment might involve activity that happened prior to the election, although the second week, after the Nov. 6 election, could potentially be an issue.


The second payment of $15,500 raised more of a question, the lawyer said, since it was completely after the date and was so much more than the prior payments to herself, which previously had totaled $4,000 per month.

From Daily Wire:

The ethics panel “recommended further scrutiny” into the possible misuse of funds, reported Politico, adding that the House Ethics Committee “now faces a 45-day deadline to announce whether to go ahead with a full investigation, or once again extend the review period and release the OCE report.”

Her two fellow “Squad” members, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have also faced their own campaign finance ethics questions. Omar was fined for campaign finance violations and ordered to reimburse her campaign account about $3,500 after an investigation found she illegally used campaign funds in 2016 and 2017 when she served as a state representative. Ocasio-Cortez has had multiple complaints filed against her for questionable actions she took during her congressional campaign.


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