Antifa Harasses and Screams at an Elderly Woman with a Walker

Screenshot via this video.
Screenshot from video

Many, including President Donald Trump, believe that Antifa are basically domestic terrorists.

Antifa showed exactly why some people think that during a free speech event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Canada with Canadian People’s Party politician Maxime Bernier and Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report.


From CBC:

A large crowd of about 100 protesters decrying the event stood outside with signs advocating for immigrant rights and yelling chants denouncing those entering, comparing them to Nazis and neo-Nazis. Supporters of the People’s Party — some wearing “Make America Great Again” hats — stood behind police and engaged with some of the protesters verbally for about an hour.

The crowd tried to block people from getting into the event and assaulted some.

But the most disturbing moment was when the Antifa people blocked the way of a small elderly woman with a walker and her companion as they tried to cross the street and get into the event. They refused to let her pass, blocking her with their bodies and screaming in her face, “Nazi scum, off our streets! No f**king Nazis!”

Imagine thinking that acting like this makes you “anti-fascist.” Exactly what had this woman done to deserve this treatment? The answer? Probably not agree with the far-left. That apparently makes her a “Nazi” to these people.


Such love and acceptance.

How is going after a little old lady “fighting fascism?” Who were the real fascists here, trying to shut down free speech and intimidate people?

How can anyone support such behavior?

And that’s the greater problem here. Not just that this behavior is horrific, but that liberals and media lend Antifa their support, suggesting their motives are “pure,” they’re just sometimes off in the execution.

No, their motives are not pure, they support systems of chaos that oppress and have resulted in the deaths of millions of people. These types of actions which we have seen again and again are a feature, not a bug.

When will the left call out this kind of behavior?


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