New Poll: Despite Trump, Does Alabama Stand With Jeff Sessions?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia, Friday, July 21, 2017. Sessions recently singled out Philadelphia in speaking with law enforcement officials in Las Vegas, saying the city is "advertising" its policy and "protecting criminals." (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Through surrogates, Donald Trump has expressed a desire for Jeff Sessions to resign. But do the people stand with Sessions? A new poll asked the people if they’d back their representative over Trump.

It’s certainly true that Sessions’s fellow elected Republicans, from back when he was a Senator, are rallying around him. But what about the regular folks?

Alabama Republican leaders love Sessions just fine, no matter what Donald Trump tweets, but it turns out that overall the story is more mixed:

Trump’s approval ratings are insanely high in Alabama, and among Republicans nationally. The people who voted for Trump want Trump to succeed, and many think a proven conservative like Jeff Sessions should be allowed to take a leading role.

Republicans trusted Trump. They cheered when Trump nominated Sessions. Now they want Donald Trump to get out of the way and let Sessions do the people’s business, such as shutting down Sanctuary Cities.

But from HuffPost/WeGov we see a poll with interesting results: Republicans split in favor of Trump 60-11 when asked who they’d support in a disagreement, Trump or their own representatives.

I would love to see a poll that drilled down to specific names. Ask Alabama Republicans specifically if they trust Jeff Sessions. Ask Nebraska voters if they trust Ben Sasse when he disagrees with Trump. Go down the line.