What America needs now is for Donald Trump to fail

Eight years ago, many conservatives were criticized for saying that we believed America needed Barack Obama to fail, because his agenda was harmful to the American way of life.

I now say the same about Donald Trump. I want him to fail. I will do my part to work toward that.

No matter who won last night, evil was going to prevail. Based on the polling, the most likely win was by the Nixonian evil of Hillary Clinton, seeking power for its own sake, and placing herself above the law.

Instead, as all the polling failed last night*, Donald Trump won. Trump won with a campaign of division and identity politics. “We are the deplorables,” his hardcore supporters said. Trump revived the old Democrat politics of White nationalism. Trump’s campaign issues go along with that theme.

He seeks to harass Mexico and demand tribute, in the form of “paying for the wall.”

He intends to betray our eastern European allies and abandon our NATO promises.

He oddly refused to rule out using nuclear weapons against Europe, even as he showed signs of having backchannel ties with our Russian adversaries.

He wants to raise taxes, and in fact restructure the tax code to punish some businesses, and favor others, threatening the livelihoods of millions.

He has promised to round up millions of people based on their national background, for large scale deportations and ethnic cleansing.

He pledged to fund Planned Parenthood, expressing a belief that there was good on what they do, such that he would continue to give them taxpayer dollars.

He built a movement full of Nazis, white nationalists, and the “alt right,” which is what the Nazis now call themselves when they want to be respectable. He joked with them, he played footsie with them, and he adopted them as his online wing, using their wicked energy to fuel his campaign when he most needed support. He went as far as to use their anti-Semitic imagery on his own social media accounts.

He’s dangerously wrong on foreign policy, on domestic policy, and in coalition building. There’s nothing redeeming about him, and there’s no reason to trust him, given his documented track record of deceit and abuse toward women (including sleeping around on his wives) in his history.

He’s shown a dangerous attitude toward the power of government over individuals, supporting far-left police unions over the rights of individuals not to be murdered on the street by cops.

He has shown himself prone to believing in conspiracy theories, including about 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, and the birth of Barack Obama. Possible paranoia makes him dangerous as the “leader of the free world.”

Thus, Donald Trump must fail. He does not share my values. I want him to fail to achieve the things he supports, and those things he has said he wants to accomplish as President. I will not support him, I will not cooperate with him, and I will not submit to him. He is to be the President, but I join his opposition.

Donald Trump gets from me, what Barack Obama got from me. Nothing more.

* Yes, even the Trump-friendly LA Times poll was wrong. As of this writing, Hillary Clinton leads in the popular vote, even as Trump has a 79 vote Electoral College lead with Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire too close to call.

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