Guess What Racist Donald Trump Retweeted?

It’s well known that Donald Trump has an unfortunate tendency to promote the writing of racists on Twitter. He can’t help it.

But this most recent one we’ve found goes beyond the pale, and seems to completely disqualify him.


Of course, the guy he retweeted was Barack Obama, in his re-election campaign against Mitt Romney:

Trump retweets Obama

Never mind how absurd it is that Trump would retweet this, given that he’s gone all in for the Silent (white) Majority™, and become the most divisive Presidential nominee we’ve seen in a long time.

But imagine the outrage from this guy if a Ted Cruz, or a John Kasich, or a Jeff Flake were to be promoting the words of the racist Barack Obama. We’re never hear the end of it. It’s time for everyone to give up and admit that Donald Trump isn’t meaningfully a Republican and opposes our values.

Which is why he has only a one point lead in one Utah poll, a state he should be winning by dozens.


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