WEIRD: Donald Trump doesn't seem to be hyping THIS poll

Back on Tuesday, Donald Trump snagged a rare poll lead, and you couldn’t spend 5 minutes on the Internet without hearing all about it.

So it’s weird how the new poll out today isn’t getting nearly the same attention.


The LA Times/USC poll, previously noted for being slanted toward Trump, showed a tie in its previous poll result. But now they show a small Hillary Clinton lead, so a slight move toward the Democrat. Two points for Clinton in the last full poll, down to one in their new tracking poll.

Combined with the slate of Quinnipiac state polls that showed Trump losing in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, winning in Ohio, and tied in Florida, it’s good news and bad news for the Republican. It’s good news for him that he’s made the race closer.

But the bad news is that it’s not close enough. He’s still losing the electoral college. Even if you flip Florida and Ohio for Trump, Clinton wins.

Time will tell if appearing on Putin’s state TV network or attacking Ted Cruz will give Trump a path to victory.


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