Good News! New York strikes back against anti-Semitic "Israel BDS" movement

In a year with so much nastiness and so much cheering for racism, I was glad to see some good, positive news for once, and I don’t care where it came from.

The Israel BDS movement seeks to attack the Jewish state by starving it economically with Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. New York’s had enough and is going to give BDS a taste of its own medicine.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu i Jerusalem 5. september 2012. Photo: Kjetil Elsebutangen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. September 5 2012. Photo: Kjetil Elsebutangen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order directly aimed at the anti-Semitic movement. New York will initiate BDS actions against the Israel BDS movement. Said Cuomo:

And it’s very simple. If you boycott against Israel, New York will boycott you. If you divert revenues from Israel, New York will divert revenues from you. If you sanction Israel, New York will sanction you. Period.

By issuing this executive order, New York jumped ahead of about two dozen other states considering action to defend Israel against the BDS movement.

I’m sure somewhere, some Trump supporter is ready to post parentheses on Twitter, but for once, America is striking back.

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