The gun grabbers thought they won in Virginia. Guess what happened next.

Last month, the administration of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-Friend of Bill) took an extremist step that the gun grabbers loved. To the delight the New York Values at the Daily News, McAuliffe and Attorney General Mark Herring unilaterally announced an end to gun permit reciprocity with 25 states.


Then everything came crashing down on them.

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You see, the beltway establishment betrayed the VA GOP in the last statewide election, letting the McAuliffe/Northam/Herring ticket in, rather than back conservatives like Ken Cuccinielli and E. W. Jackson. But on a district by district basis, the incumbent Republicans did a good job, and as of now hold the state legislature, the General Assembly. So while McAuliffe and Herring would talk big, they would have to answer to Republicans if they wanted their unilateral action not to have consequences at home.

They’re pretending this is a ‘win’ for them, but McAuliffe blinked just a few days before the deadline. Republicans forced him to cave in exchange for incredibly mild “gun control” provisions. Let’s put it this way: it’s so mild the NRA is cheering it.

Quoth WaPo:

But the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence reacted bitterly in a message on its Facebook page. The group said McAuliffe has bragged about “his administration’s aggressive new approach to confronting the National Rifle Association.”

“Now he’s preparing to cave to them,” the message said. “As far as we are aware, there is not a single gun violence prevention advocate in Virginia who was informed about this deal before it was done. We all stand in opposition to it.”


The gun grabbers have been blindsided. Common sense has won again over extremism against the bill of rights.


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