Comcast learns you can't make deals with Extremists

After spending many months and many dollars campaigning for support for the deal, Comcast has given up on acquiring Time Warner Cable under pressure from the extreme left.

Comcast just spent the whole Net Neutrality fight appeasing the left by supporting their plans, and now they get no loyalty in return. There’s a lesson here.

Much like the Net Neutrality fight, the left’s arguments against the Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal were based on emotional appeals that run counter to the facts. [mc_name name=’Sen. Al Franken (D-MN)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’F000457′ ] was one of the leaders in DC on this, which says a lot, and he was lying through his teeth the entire time. And yet somehow Comcast thought that by running a ton of ads for Net Neutrality, they could win his love. Nope. Socialist ideology knows no friends.

No amount of Danegeld was going to get Franken to stop making the facially ludicrous argument that Comcast acquiring Time Warner Cable would reduce choice for customers, since there’s probably not 1,000 people in America who have the choice between those two providers. In fact Franken never named a single person who would lose that choice, because these people don’t exist.

No, the goal of Franken and the far left in this fight, was the same as their goals in the Net Neutrality fight. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” They wanted to use this as leverage to grow government. And this time government won.

Comcast and everyone else should learn a lesson though. Never give the far left an inch. They’ll take a mile.