Tech at Night: America continues to lead the way on high-speed Internet

They keep telling me American Internet access is terrible, but the appropriately-named US Internet is announcing the world’s fastest home Internet access: 10 Gigabit fiber. Not coincidentally, US Internet is in competition with Verizon’s 0.5 Gigabit fiber in the same area.


In other news, DSL is improving, pushing 45+ Megabit connections to millions of Americans. Note that officially, the FCC and others have declared DSL not to be ‘broadband Internet’, and exclude it when claiming Americans don’t have choices.

From this I have to conclude that Net Neutrality remains a fraud. More proof of that: during the latest Net Neutrality comment period at FCC, the small government group American Commitment led the charge, and pro-liberty, anti-regulation comments won the day. This humiliated the radicals so, in a move some of us may recall from years past, the Obama FCC found some hanging chads, erm, I mean, found some comments they happened not to count.

In other disgusting news, hotels are asking for the legal right to jam signals, something that would be a crime if done by the rest of us, even if done on private property.

But hey don’t worry, Net Neutrality and other American regulatory actions will only embolden other countries to regulate the Internet further as well. How far we’ve come from the City on a Hill idea that Reagan loved to cite.


Mixed week for anarchists. Kim Dotcom is trying to curry favor with Americans because he’s starting to lose badly in New Zealand courts. You see, he fled to New Zealand as a fugitive from American justice, and bankrolled New Zealand socialized Internet access as an attempt to curry favor with the government. It’s worked so far – they’re shielding him from America – but the good news is the New Zealand supreme court doesn’t care, and is saying that the New Zealand warrants against him were legal.

The Communists who attacked Sony Pictures are using Twitter to promote what they did, but Sony wants it stopped.

Naturally the anarchists are striking back for North Korea by undermining Sony’s revenue stream for their movie.


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