Tech at Night: Obama picking winners and losers with Net Neutrality

Tech at Night

I’ve suggested that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler may not like the intimidation tactics of the extreme Net Neutrality left, going to harass him at his home. As a result, he may yet ignore the President’s recent suggestion to pick winners and losers with Title II Reclassification Net Neutrality.


It’s possibly a bad sign though that he’s giving the President his way on stupid subsidies. It’s possibly a good sign though, because it may be a case of ‘here, take this, now leave me alone on the other thing’.

Drug dealer angry he got hacked. Lie down with the dogs…

So the drug dealers, child pornographers, and others who got caught in a recent FBI attack are looking to upgrade to avoid the law. This is sad.

One set of masked cowards is attacking another set of masked cowards.

Putin is right about Wikipedia for the wrong reasons. He’s just saying this because he’s reflexively anti-American… which Wikipedia also is, coincidentally enough.


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