Tech at night: Still More Cybersecurity

Tech at Night

It’s technically Tuesday morning on the east coast, not Monday night, as I write this. So, happy Election Day. Remember to Vote. Vote, and get five friends and family members to vote.


So, let’s remember that the Obama administration is still pushing its scheme to solve cybersecurity by expanding government. Now, experts in the field are scoffing at the word ‘solve’ there, but think about it: They’re telling us that we’ll have a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor” if we don’t pass their bill/accept their Executive Order. That implies that with the bill, the danger is gone. So they’re entirely unrealistic about this.

Meanwhile, what are they actually doing with their current tools? The Russians are on the move, Anonymous still has functioning elements. At least Canada may be seeing a way forward.

We keep prosecuting copyright infringers, after all. Where’s our action against the cybersecurity threats?

This is bad: FCC Democrat Mignon Clyburn sees only one path to more spectrum. Why not find more ways of opening up spectrum? This is why we must elect Mitt Romney today. We need serious-minded reformist regulators to fix and roll back the Obama years.


It’s interesting to see the push continue. I use the service for other reasons, but they’re really trying to distinguish themselves as the opposite of Google’s data mining. They promise privacy and a lack of “Bubbling”. If DuckDuckGo takes off, along with the Do Not Track initiative, then the Internet advertising market will have to adapt somehow.


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