Tech at Night: Google's values, Government sharing spectrum, Wikipedia founder against copyright

Tech at Night

Things that are compatible with Google’s values: Prostitutes. Websites for copyright infringement. Illegal drugs. Pornography. Mortgage scams. Spying on people’s wireless networks. Things that are incompatible with Google’s values: legal exercise of Second Amendment rights.


Apparently one idea for getting more spectrum in use for wireless Internet is to have government share what it’s hoarding.

Of course, we don’t expect innovation from FCC. Regulators are slow, which is just one reason I like the idea of adding sunsets to laws. Not just “technology proposals,” even. All laws.

So, a guy named Richard O’Dwyer ran a website called TV Shack organizing mass copyright infringement as a for-profit venture through advertising. He was making money getting traffic as an aggregator of illegal content. So naturally extremists like apparently Jimmy Wales are against him being prosecuted. This is socialism, people. It’s no wonder Wikipedia has a leftward tilt when its head is a socialist.

It’s weird when a group says its top issues are going to be attacking the Federal Reserve and opposing the big government agenda online, but it’s interesting to see from Campaign for Liberty. I just hope Ron Paul doesn’t start spouting crazy conspiracy theories about the FCC. There’s enough real problems with that body that we don’t need any grassy knolls.


You know another phrase for “blocking phone use while driving?” “Impeding emergency communications”. This is why we ban phone jammers, people. It’s dangerous.

ACLU in New Jersey is starting something interesting: helping people record police encounters. I’m of the opinion that with modern technology, all police activity should be recorded for everyone’s safety, the police included. Gathering evidence only harms those doing wrong.


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