Tech at Night: Net Neutrality, Daily Kos, FCC, Free Speech, ITU

Tech at Night

Hello! As it crosses midnight here in California, I apologize for the lateness but do return with yet another installment of Tech at Night.

Still don’t believe the socialist pushes at the FCC are driven in part by a desire to get free stuff? Take a look at the ITU Broadband Plan for the whole world, what with its insistence that governments must build Internet infrastructure, which of course would result in greater state ownership of the Internet.


Ars Technica points out also that the ITU claims that state Internet development will end poverty and hunger. Talk about socialist utopian thought! And we’re supposed to let these types get more power over the Internet with magical thinking like this?

Of course, plenty do want to do just that anyway. “Hate Speech” is one of the proposed avenues to regulation of content online, exactly the step beyond Deem and Pass Title II Reclassification that we all know would be coming. If the FCC can ignore the Telecommunications Act and claim regulatory powers over the Internet, what’s the First Amendment going to do to stop them?

Daily Kos is getting more active, too. Telecommunications midget CREDO, a socialist-driven corporation, has convinced Daily Kos to join with it to push the Net Neutrality movement. CREDO, a corporation trying to write the rules, insists that corporations shouldn’t get to write their own rules. Presumably instead the corporations who support Free Press and its front group Save The Internet should get to write their own rules instead. Confused? So am I. The Net Neutrality forces aren’t even making any sense anymore. They’re just shouting nonsense and hoping that people follow. When you lose more and more allies as they have, I think that brings just this kind of panic.




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