Weekend in Wisconsin schedules for Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump.


We are coming up on the weekend before what’s going to be a pretty critical election in Wisconsin. How are the candidates spending it? Let’s take a look:

  • Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz has a couple of events tomorrow and has formally scheduled a couple more GOTV/infrastructure events for his Wisconsin campaign staff. The Senator is also hosting a showing Saturday for God’s Not Dead 2. Looks like Cruz is concentrating on the state.
  • John Kasich: John Kasich is likewise campaigning in Wisconsin Friday… then moving onward to Pennsylvania and New York before the Wisconsin primary Tuesday. This suggests that Kasich is not going to be concentrating on the state. Although, to be fair: the polling is not suggesting that Wisconsin is fertile ground for Kasich.
  • Donald Trump: Donald Trump is apparently taking the next two days off. He has a town hall on Saturday, and that’s it. Now, you might very well think that a part of this is due to the need for Trump to get the taste of shoe polish out of his mouth – but I couldn’t possibly comment.

All in all, I think that it’s fair to say that all three candidates are sticking to strategies that work for them in Wisconsin.  Which is to say: Ted Cruz is working to win the state.  John Kasich is already cutting his losses and decamped to legitimately greener pastures for him.  And Donald Trump… is minimizing his footprint.  Which, given how many rakes Trump has already stepped on in Wisconsin, is probably the smartest thing that he could do.


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