No, there are no phony 'Independent' ballots in Florida.

Reminder: Florida has a cutoff date for registering as a Republican for the primary. It was last month.  Any Florida voter who missed the cutoff date for registration will be given a nonpartisan ballot, not an ‘Independent’ one.  Only Republicans or Democrats, may not vote in their respective party’s primaries. This is a known situation, and should not be a surprise for anyone.


I mention this because there may be bad reporting going on soon:


Ms. Eckhart is with Fox News, and she’s apparently on the lookout for voter fraud stories.  Given her misunderstanding of the nature of “Independent” ballots and the apparent lack of an actual Jupiter County in Florida, I suspect that the story will be not be, perhaps, overly blessed with a surfeit of accuracy.  …Not that this means anything in terms of who is going to win in Florida, of course.  I’m merely trying to squash a particular false narrative before it escapes into the shadows, then starts to breed.

Moe Lane

PS: I predicted that this would happen last night. I’d claim to be a prophet, except that it wasn’t really a difficult prediction to make. Most people are pretty indifferent to this stuff until it’s immediately relevant.


PPS: I really do hope that… actually, I don’t know whether I prefer that Donald Trump already knew all of this and he’s just lying now, or that Trump does not know all of this already. Either one would be pretty alarming, really. Anyway:



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