These two crazy graphs EXPLAIN why Hillary Clinton won't be President!



The first is from Wonkblog, and it shows how the name ‘Hillary’ abruptly less became a slightly more popular girl’s name than, say, “Typhoid Mary.” Seriously, this is a fascinating graph. I am deeply envious of anybody who can see it without breaking down with a serious case of the hysterical giggles:


…and if you look at the article, it’s even funnier. Unlike pretty much every Presidential name besides ‘Barack*,’ ‘Hillary’ was enjoying a steadily-growing popularity – right up to the point where her husband got elected. After that, the American people pretty much all said “NOPE” and the Stuka dive began. And the name’s not recovered since.

Oh, and the second graph? Well, for some reason Wonkblog tracked ‘Ronald’ as a name, but not ‘Reagan.’ I wonder why

reagan baby name

Ah. Silly me.

Moe Lane

PS: I certainly hope that her supporters get huffy over this.  Why?  Were my motivations about this ever in doubt?


*’Barack’ had a meteoric rise, a meteoric drop – and it looks like it will probably stabilize at a higher level. Which is not too surprising. I mean, whether or not you like Barack Obama a lot of African-Americans still do, and they’re proud of him, and some of them want to name their kids after him. Which is, entertainingly enough, an accomplishment of Obama’s that Hillary is desperately trying to exceed, let alone match.


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