Barack Obama's final SotU address breaks viewing record!


No, really, it’s true.  Having the absolute lowest score in recorded history (31.3 million viewers, as per Nielsen) counts as record-breaking, too.  Admittedly, the record being broken is one that is scented with failure, broken promises, and the lingering shame of futility – but then again, we are talking about Barack Obama’s Presidency.  If those things were not present on a constant basis already we’d all be trying to figure out what went wrong. (H/T: Memeorandum)


Mind you, this shouldn’t exactly be news anyway.  It’s perfectly normal for a Presidency in its final year to not draw the same attention and crowds that it gathered in its first. Even when the President is competent – like, for example, George W Bush was*  – the populace gets tired.  Barack Obama is increasingly yesterday’s news. People want to, if you’ll allow me the use of a horrible cultural-political reference, start thinking about tomorrow.

Let me put this a different way.  In two weeks the primaries start.  And we know one thing for a fact: President Obama will not win them.  So it’s not really noteworthy if the Neilsen ratings reflect that… although I suppose that it is maybe a little newsworthy that Politico isn’t ready to give up the magic, yet.   Not that it really matters of course if Politico or any other political media group wants to keep things going.  Even if the media wants to revel in the lukewarm bathwater for a little while longer, the plug in the drain is out and the water is going down…

Moe Lane

*If you’re an Obama supporter taking umbrage at that: first please keep in mind that Barack Obama busily retroactively lost us a war that George W. Bush had already won; then remember that under Obama’s stewardship the percentage of people actually working has dipped to a highly alarming level; follow through by conceding in at least your own head that Obama’s signature foreign domestic policy ‘success’ was a hated health care rationing scheme that keeps getting a remarkable amount of Democrats fired; and then end by simply sitting down and shutting up, because if you’re still a booster for this Presidency at this point then you probably would be better off if you have somebody else make your big life decisions for you from now on.


Didn’t think you would be here and having to do this at this point, huh? …Yeah, well: I did.


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