The '...Wait. Bloom County's coming back?' Monday Memorial Open Thread.

This is going to be an open thread, largely because the answer to the question in the title…


…is Maybe:

In 1989, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed ended the nine-year run of his popular Bloom County comic strip. The comic was originally an offbeat satire of life in the midwest, but it later evolved into (equally offbeat) social and political satire, all presented by a 10-year-old reporter, a penguin, a cat, and a handful of characters who weren’t 10-year-olds, penguins, or cats. Now, according to a Facebook post from Breathed himself, Bloom County is coming back.

Don’t get too excited: for all we know, this is it.  Which would be simultaneously a shame and… not so bad.  A shame, because I grew up with Bloom County (I still remember – and badly quote, apparently – this strip fondly). Not so bad, because this is a legitimately funny strip that’s classic, old school Berkeley Breathed.  If that’s all we get, it’s pretty good.

Anyway, open thread.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yes, let’s all be honest: the first thought that was in my head over this was “Is this because of Donald Trump?” Everybody thought that. At least, everybody who read the comic in the original run.  This has the potential to be somewhat epic…


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