How Rep. Scott Peters (D, CA-52) ALLEGEDLY got away with smearing Carl Demaio.

Scott Peters, of course, was the Democrat who managed to win in 2014 when last-minute accusations against opponent Carl DeMaio surfaced in the final days of the election.  Funny how that happened, huh? Anyway, it should shock none of you to hear that those accusations were complete and utter [expletive deleted]:


But the final weeks of the campaign focused to a large degree on allegations made by a former DeMaio staff member. His campaign never recovered, and DeMaio blamed his defeat on the charges and the Peters campaign’s alleged role in spreading them.

On Friday, the ex-staffer admitted in federal court that he lied when he claimed to have gotten anonymous emails threatening that he would never work again in politics if he revealed things about DeMaio.

Todd Bosnich, 29, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice by lying to the FBI about the emails. Until Friday, it was not known publicly that the federal government was investigating the emails.

Of course, Scott Peters – who responded to this rather embarrassing revelation by insinuating that DeMaio was the one who needed to ‘take some responsibility’ (good to see that [mc_name name='[mc_name name=’Rep. Robert Scott (D-VA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’S000185′ ] Peters (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’P000608′ ] has learned how to be a typical Democratic victim-blamer so quickly) – still won the election, so there’s a theoretical limit to how much justice can be meted out over this.  I would suggest, however, that this entire tawdry story be an issue in the 2016 election.  I would further suggest that in the meantime House leadership makes sure that any legislation that has Scott Peters’ public support should die a long, lingering, and rather excruciating death.  Just to be on the safe side, and all that.


(H/T: @jaketapper; image via Shutterstock)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Note the use of the term ‘allegedly.’  It is certainly possible that Scott Peters is not a no-account piece of fatherless trash who gleefully connived in spreading dirty sexual lies about his opponent just to keep Peters’ House seat. Fair’s fair.


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