The thing that EVERY GOP candidate must demand of EVERY reporter until we get answers.

Background: power-mad, out-of-control Democratic prosecutors in Wisconsin went on a Stasi-like legal rampage over the last few years. They’d send out the cops to raid conservatives and citizen-activists, then slap gag orders on their victims to keep them from complaining.  This, thankfully, is now in the process of blowing up in their face, and there are people – starting with Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm – who need to be disbarred. Heck, they need to go to jail, but I don’t think that we can quite make that stick.  

Anyway: caught up on this? Good.  Anyway, via Instapundit here’s the question (by Instapundit commenter Prof. Stephen Clark) that needs to be asked:

Every Democrat should repeatedly be asked whether they support the police state tactics used by Democrats in Wisconsin. As with Rand Paul every media interviewer should be asked by candidates to answer the same as the price for continuing the interview.

Wisconsin Democrats should be made into a public embarrassment for Democrats generally. Behavior of this kind will cease only when it carries a global political cost.

Indeed.  No more double standards. No more double standards.

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Moe Lane