Put 'HHS Adviser' on Jon Gruber's nameplate at the Oversight hearings next week.

Now, isn’t this special.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking lawmakers not to seat ObamaCare consultant Jonathan Gruber next to Medicare’s top official when the two testify on Capitol Hill next week.

HHS Assistant Secretary for Legislation Jim Esquea wrote to the House Oversight Committee with the request, stating that government witnesses are “almost always afforded an opportunity” to sit alone or with other federal officials.


The next paragraph quoted Esquea using the word ‘comity’ in a non-ironic fashion, or at least an ostensibly non-ironic fashion.  Truth of the matter, of course, is that comity was disappeared back in, say, 2009.  That HHS flunky might remember that time period; it was when HHS and the rest of the Obama administration shoved Obamacare down all of our throats, with Gruber helping to lead the way.  Ah, the days of Democratic super-majorities. Such passion! Such drive!  Such utter lack of consideration that the people being kicked then might some day be in a position to kick back!

Judging from the response, I think that Oversight will be politely circular-filing the request and sitting Jon Gruber with all those people that rather earnestly would now like to make Gruber into an unperson.  Which is as should be.  Elections have consequences.  Here: have some.


Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, people often do have a negative reaction to being spanked.  That it is humiliating is in fact the point. The idea is to apply a rousing, yet carefully-calculated, dose of negative reinforcement, in the hopes that it will discourage poor decision-making in the future. Don’t like it? Don’t do what caused the spanking.


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